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Poetry Publications

  • "[Untitled]." Lake Affect Magazine, forthcoming.

  • "The Thinness Of." Poem commissioned by composer Camila Agosto for her new piece of music written for cellist Amanda Gookin's Forward Music Project. Premiere in December 2022.

  • "Entwining 1." A Year of Deep Listening, August 2022.

  • "Tipping Point." Peripheries 4, October 2021.

  • "[Mid Afternoon the Slim Moon Pinned]." Lana Turner Journal 12, Spring 2020.

  • "[Walking through Webs Made]." Colorado Review 46.1, Spring 2019.

  • "The Sky Tonight." Academy of American Poets, Fall 2018.

  • [in the trying]. Book of original collected poems, advised by Jorie Graham and submitted for an honors thesis at Harvard College, Spring 2018.

  • "There is No Certainty in Any Pulse." Weathering Change: An Art Anthology in Response to Climate Change, October 2017.

  • "[the female voice]." The Harvard Advocate, Summer 2016.

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